We have a great experience in OS X and OS 9, as well as traditional Mac OS development. We have extensive expertise in C/C++, Objective-C and object oriented design, as well as device drivers, system extensions and file systems.

Our experienced, high energy team is committed to creating excellent software with no surprises. Our attention to detail provide a great customer experience. Our high quality standards and strong debugging skills will reduce your technical support costs.


OctaNet has experts in every aspect of Macintosh development:

» OS X and OS 9

» Windows to Mac Porting

» CodeWarrior to Xcode migration

» Migration to Universal Binaries for the new Intel Macintosh

» Cross platform product porting (Macintosh to/from others)

» Carbon and native OS X porting


OctaNet can help bring a commercial product to Mac OS X, create a custom solution based on portable Open Source & WebObjects technologies, or Web-enable legacy applications. OctaNet services include:


Internet Applications & web services:

» WebObjects / Java / XML / SOAP development

» IIS/ASP/SQL Server to WebObjects migration for improved scalability

» large scale distributed systems design and development

» automated testing harnesses


Mac OS X Development Services:

» Mac OS X Cocoa porting from Mac OS 9/Windows/ Linux/UNIX

» Mac OS X Cocoa porting from OPENSTEP/NeXTSTEP

» UNIX daemon/service development


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