Company information

OctaNet consists of many talents that have years of experience in the interactive media industry. We insist on using the latest technologies and techniques on your interactive business solutions. Therefore, when it comes to the Internet, we have the ability to complete every task that our client ask for, whether you've only asked us to re-deploy an existing website, or just want us to host your site. All in all, you'll surely receive nothing less than our best.


o Creative design capabilities.
o HTML, DHTML, ASP / PHP / JSP coding and construction.
o Macromedia Flash 5.0 development and animation.
o Full E-Commerce and database programming capabilities in MS SQL or Access.
o Linux NT Windows 2000 hosting with T-3 connections.

We've helped many of our clients to successfully establish their niche on the Internet through a simple three step model for planning, constructing, and maintaining. Taking these steps is surely the next success we'll help you achieve:

OctaNet Strength