Company information

During our working experience on the Internet, we have developed a very refined project execution methodology, which keeps improving as we go along. The bottom line while executing a project, is to always remain organized, break up projects into modules, and thereafter into tasks, and stay on top of the situation at all times.

Every project gives us the opportunity to improve our systems, analyze problems, build in solutions and ensure we're better organized to handle the next project. Our outlook towards constant improvement in our methodologies has always been one of constant change with the focus on getting better and better.

Principal directions:

Website concept design (content setup, User Controls positioning, etc.), design of pages (color/fonts theme, etc.), selection and design of site's pictures and graphic elements, model pages creation, creation of difficult to program site components (site search, chat, forum, guestbook, online polls, etc.), selection of necessary site components (chat, forum, guestbook, etc.) to implement on the basis of free programs (scripts) or commercial products, site pages creation, site assembling and site support (includes correction in HTML and basic SEO etc.)

Team structure

The OctaNet team members work in perfect tandem with each other and even while we appoint a single contact point Project Manager for your project, the entire team is involved in the background in an integrated fashion.

All communications with you happen through a Project Manager, your one-point contact, and all your emails and queries are answered within the business day. We also ensure that the progress of the project is documented all along so as to serve as a handy reference at a later point.

The entire development team logs its exact task and module details in our internal Time Sheet Management System, therefore giving us access to the details of each member's activities on your project. If the project is being handled on a time and material basis, we give online access to clients to the Time Sheet system.

Presentation protocols

We follow certain predefined standards for presentation and communication during the course of project development and execution. All communication, while working on a project, typically takes place via email. We also use Instant Messengers, phone and fax to communicate as per need. Communication with you involves file and email exchanges, all of which are also documented and saved in offline locations for archival reference.

All presentations made to you are put up on a secure, password-protected online location. In the initial stages of presentation, we make it a point to explain all concepts and flows with our comments appended to the presentation, so as to enable you to walk through the presentation in a user-friendly manner.

During the production of a new module, we present you with the flow of the solution first and the coded application thereafter. Every step of development is phased out and approval is sought before commencing with the next stage.


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