Company information


Our development team consists of over 20 graphic designers, development, programming, database and site-structuring professionals, who specialize in their respective fields. Collectively, they have over 100 man-years of experience working on Internet technologies.

An impressive factor in this team of professionals is their ability to produce an immense amount of quality work within short deadlines. Their multi-tasking abilities have stood them in good stead where situations demand them to complete and deliver work as per pre-scheduled deadlines. The biggest strength of this team is their ability to work seamlessly with each other and in perfect coordination. Their focus is very clearly on delivering high quality work and on time.

Quality assurance

OctaNet has evolved a high Quality Assurance standard, which we improve and review on a regular basis. The Q&A team is responsible for checking the following:

Design, Layout and HTML code: Checks are made to ensure the interface design and layouts show up consistently on all browser formats. HTML code is checked for optimization and correctness.

Programming and code: All programming is checked to ensure that code is optimum and uses modular functions for future scalability and ease of modification. Standards of coding comments are checked to ensure that code is correctly formatted and self-explanatory.

Content, grammar and readability: The entire web solution and interfaces are checked for correct content, grammar and readability. On areas where interfaces need to be filled in by users, clear instructions are written to ensure a user-friendly experience.

User friendliness and ease of use: Our endeavor is to create interfaces that are non-confusing and adapt to the user profile rather than the other way round. This quality assurance test comprises of getting interfaces tested by laypersons to see their handling and fix problems if any arise.

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