Company information

OctaNet is an India based website design and development company. Our strategic location lets us give you the best in web design, E-Commerce solutions and custom Internet application development, for less.

The right people. The right process. The right infrastructure. The synergy of these vital factors has contributed to the success of OctaNet in meeting the needs of its global customer base. In consideration of all these, we have happy and satisfied clients in the United States, Canada and Europe today.

We take pride in being able to deliver what our clients want. Our understanding of your requirements, converting them into a smooth flow through the online solution, and delivering it to you on time is our biggest strength. We make your web vision a reality. Whether you want an attractive traditional e-commerce website or a dynamite, cutting edge Flash technology driven web site-we can do it!

You get the best for less. Rely on OctaNet and your site will become that never-fainting star which shines brightly in the night sky, shows the way in the darkness and stands out warm in the cold night!

OctaNet not only provides you with an original, attractive and professional web design, but also helps you to find your niche in domestic and foreign markets. OctaNet and its top-level designers and artists will craft the perfect look and feel of your website, our skilled programmers will use latest technologies in developing your web site, our experienced marketing managers and consultants will position you highly in the search engines.


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